Concrete walls are everywhere. The Walll, though, is one of a kind. New and innovative, it’s a fusion of art & design. Made with stateof-the-art concrete technology, The Walll was born from a cooperation between concrete specialist FABRINO and different artists.

You’ll be astounded at all you can do with FABRINO’s new product

Create and produce one of a kind, customized Walll solutions by transferring photos, motifs, art work and lettering to precast concrete parts. This is made possible by a newly developed production process.

World’s first painting and photo-concrete hybrid

Having exceeded all expectations, the first joint concrete wall project with the Viennese artist Akira Sakurai can be viewed in Vienna’s Spelunke Bar & Restaurant. An eye-catcher for guests, it proves beyond all doubt that the new production process works and is ready for further applications.

This is how The Walll works

Using a printing process developed by FABRINO, the motif is transferred to a special film with a retardation agent. The foil is placed into the formwork, which is subsequently filled with concrete. When the concrete is solid, it is removed from the formwork and is cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner. The motif emerges via the juxtaposition of these cleaned-out areas and smooth-surface concrete areas. Unlike matrices, light and shadow play no role in the appearance of the finished piece.

Walll in one

Design, technology and service form the three pillars of all projects. This means customers can look forward to a comprehensive package that encompasses creative design, state-of-the-art technology and an all-round service. Your Walll is guaranteed to meet all your wishes and requirements.

Areas of application

– Facade elements
– Design elements in the GaLa area
– Floor panels
– Special components
– (in-situ concrete is not possible)